Gerber Website Review & Ratings + Gerber Coupons
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Gerber Website Review & Ratings + Gerber Coupons

Gerber: Products & Services

Gerber is the largest manufacturer of infant, and child related products.Gerber, was originally a mass producer of "healthy" baby foods, but over the last fifty years, their product line has grown to include everything from clothing, to life insurance and college funds. Over the last decade, Gerberhas also invested heavily in parent and child health education. Currently, Gerber is leading a campaign to teach new mothers about the benefits of breast feeding. According to Gerber'smission statement, the company's focus is "Start Healthy, Stay Healthy." Gerber's website defines this statement as "a lifelong commitment to healthy living." Gerber provides many pages on their website that explain the company's mission, and their history. You can reach these pages by using the categorical links below.

About Gerber

Gerber Mission Statement

Gerber Heritage

Gerber Research

Gerber: Company Background

Gerber, was originally founded in 1927 in Fremont, Michigan, by Daniel Frank Gerber. Gerber, was the owner of a large cannery that specialized in canned vegetables. Daniel Gerber'swife, Dorothy, was urged by her family's pediatrician to begin straining fresh vegetables to feed the couple's seven month old daughter, Sally. After seeing the positive health response displayed by his own daughter, Gerberimmediately recognized the business potential for wide spread distribution. The original five product flavors were strained peas, carrots, spinach, prunes, and beef vegetable soup. Currently, Gerber has expanded its food line to include over 190 flavors of baby, as well as toddler finger foods. Gerber has expanded its reach as well, distributing their specialized products to over eighty countries world-wide. In 1994, Gerber expanded into the life insurance, and funds markets. Gerber, is currently owned and operated by Nestle Foods Inc. The company is still based in Fremont, Michigan. 

Gerber: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The majority of reviews surrounding the multitude of Gerber products are positive. Reviews at, have parents and consumers offering praise for the lack of corn syrup as an ingredient in their food products. 

"Finally, the first ingredient is not corn syrup!" ~ T Smith.

Because Gerber is such a large company with multiple products, there are many reviews available based on individual products. Gerber's "Grown-Up" life insurance product also receives positive reviews, garnering 4.5 out of five stars. The majority of the positive comments are centered around the depth of the product, and the customer service offered by Gerber.

"Gerber Life, is affordable and the customer service is great!" ~Babyface

You can read more reviews of Gerber's life insurance products, here

Gerber: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Gerber is not currently a Better Business Bureau accredited business. Although the BBB, does not accredit Gerber, they do monitor consumer feedback, and handle any consumer complaints and issues. Based on the information obtained by the BBB, they have issued an overall grade of A+ for Gerber, which is the highest grade attainable. The official Gerber website maintains a media room where consumers can view all media coverage of the company, as well as a place for the company to issue their own press releases concerning their product lines. This page can be viewed by clicking, here. You can also access the official Better Business Bureau report, here.

Gerber: Website Popularity & Google Ranking has an average daily viewership of 53,361, according to the site The site also has a Google Page Rank of 5, and an Alexa site ranking of #79,292. Gerber, also has a total of 1,510 backlinks associated with the site. The report offered by, ranks Gerber's official site as 7,518, and adds that the site has 271,420 unique visitors daily. The same report ranks, as number four amongst its competitors in the same industry. To view these reports in their entirety, please click the links provided below.

Web Site


Gerber: Social Media Presence

Gerber has an large social media presence. Gerber's official Facebook profile has 5,235,272 likes, and is the topic of their follower's conversation over 60,000 times daily. The Facebook account, which can be viewed, here, is updated a number of times daily. Gerber's Twitter presence is also large, garnering over one hundred thousand followers, and over 5,000 retweets daily. Gerber is also the topic of several popular blogs, which are updated mainly on a weekly basis. If you would like to view any of these outlets, please click on the appropriate link below.

Gerber Facebook

Gerber Twitter

Gerber Blog

Gerber: Website Security & Safety

Gerber's official website does not operate on an "https:" format. However, the official website does allow for individuals to register with the site in order to procure coupons, and be informed of education, and family events. The portion of the site dedicated to this action does operate under an "https://" format, and therefore is secured. Google Safe Browser rates the site as safe, and has not detected any malicious behavior on any of the ten pages that were tested. Also, the network on which Gerber's official site operates is free of malicious software as well. The complete Google Safe Browser Report, can be viewed, here

Gerber: Pricing & Packages

Gerber currently has rates that are slightly higher than the average price for the same products within their industry. Current prices for Gerber foods by the ounce, are approximately $.38 per ounce. Using Wal-Mart as a standard for pricing, other food companies tend to offer the same type of foods for and average of $.15. Another area where Gerber is slightly higher in costs is in infant formula. Gerber's brand of formula currently sells for around $1.05 per ounce. Again using Wal-Mart for price comparison, the average price of formula is approximately $.85 per ounce. 

Gerber: Shipping Rates & Policies

There are no shipping policies associated with this company. This company is a distributor, and therefore its products are all available in stores across the nation. 

Gerber: Payment Methods Accepted

The majority of products offered by Gerber, are available through stores around the world., does not provide any financial services online. However, the "Gerber Life Grow Up Plan," which is Gerber's childhood life insurance policy does offer online financial services. This portion of Gerber's product line accepts all forms of major credit cards, and debit cards that have the logo, and endorsement of a major credit company. They also accept e-checks, and PayPal. 

Gerber: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Gerber's official website states that they offer the consumer a full money back guarantee. According to the official return policy, if the consumer is dissatisfied with the product for any reason, they can return the empty container (for food products), with a copy of the original receipt, and Gerber will refund the entirety of the purchase price. I have found no information to suggest that Gerber does not honor this return policy. This appears to be the common practice within the baby/infant food and products industry. 

Gerber: Product images & screenshots
Gerber Coupons
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